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Writing About Difficult Subjects...

With "Caught Sleeping" celebrating its one month publishing date today, I wanted to thank all the readers who have continued to support this series, offered encouragement, promoted these books by word of mouth, reached out to me with kind words, and taken precious time to read Catharine and Alex's story. There are soooooo many phenomenal books to read, I am honored and grateful to every single reader who has given this series a chance.

As a rule, I try not to read reviews—I'm a bit sensitive for that. But I've been made aware of a couple questions that have arisen in the books, and one of them I felt was in need of addressing.

I understand some readers have found the scene of domestic violence later in The Senator's Wife difficult to read. And even unnecessary. That some readers have questioned why a woman in Catharine's position would be in a marriage under those circumstances.

One thing I'd like to highlight is (because it is a hot topic for me that I feel passionately about):

domestic abuse/violence is not exclusive. It is not limited to anyone based off class, wealth, privilege, gender, sexual orientation, education, socioeconomics, geography, nationality, ethnicity, culture, career choices, etc.

It is a horrifying epidemic throughout all walks of life, regardless our differences. Being wealthy (as in the instance of Catharine) does not exclude a person from finding themselves in a position they are fearful to leave, or difficult to get out of.

The #MeToo movement brought the rampant seriousness of the situation to the surface, but it did not end the crisis so many women (although absolutely not exclusive to women) have struggled through throughout history.

Coming from a background of having worked with many women struggling to free themselves from horrible situations, I have seen first hand the variance of stories from people of all walks of life who have been in these terrifying situations. It is heartbreaking. Frustrating. Devastating. And, for those brave women who fight their way to the other side, inspiring.

While every reader has a different outlook on life (that is what makes people so beautiful... our differing opinions, life experiences, the way one hundred sets of eyes can view the same subject in one hundred different ways), I simply write from my own experience and background.

With that being said, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for reading these books, supporting an independent author, and offering so much encouragement along the way.

I look forward to having Book Three published this summer (prior to the Women's World Cup), and then working on the other completed works I have sitting on the back burner.



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