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1. The Senator's Wife is such a fabulous series with so many wonderful characters, will you be writing a sequel?

I have had several requests for additional books featuring Catherine and Alex, Amelia, Elle and Natalie, and a prequel with Catherine and Natalie so yes, I will most likely write another book with some of these characters.

2. What books are you currently working on?

My current up and coming new novel is called The UnFinished Line  and will be released very soon.  See the Books page for a synopsis.

The Curse of Queens is a sapphic medieval fiction series with a cast of unforgettable heroines and villains, full of page-turning angst.  This series is in the editing stage and is expected to be released In 2024.

Burn Them All is a sapphic pirate adventure on the high seas that is currently in the developmental stage.

3. When did you start writing?

I have actually been writing all of my life but have had the privilege of writing full time for the past couple of years.

4. Is it possible to order personalized, signed copies of your books?

Yes.  If you go to "Jen's Work" button and then select "Books" you will see an option to purchase the books signed and personalized.

5. Do you have any merchandise available?

We are working on several items that will be available for sale on the website very soon.

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