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Hitting #1 in New Releases! -- or: Hot damn, is this real?!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Wow! Just wow. Woke up this morning to find The Senator's Wife was sitting #1 in New Releases for LGBTQ+ Fiction, #9 in LGBTQ Bestsellers (for example, The Song of Achilles is #1😱😧😭😁), and #11 in Lesbian Fiction.

Just unreal! The amount of support I have received from friends, family, and complete strangers is simply astounding. Getting messages and kind words from all over the world. It's indescribable, to know this little book and these characters I have loved—who feel like family to me—are actually being introduced to readers near and far.

I need to start an advertising campaign soon, and know it will be tough to keep the momentum going, but for the moment, simply knowing other people have loved this book has put my heart on top of the world.

I can think of no better Valentine's gift than this.

Happy V-Day, everyone! From me, Catharine, Alex and the Little-Book-That-Could

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