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International Best Selling and Award Winning Sapphic Fiction Series

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The Senator's Wife

The Senator's Wife: Book I

Caught Sleeping: Book II

Whistleblower: Book III

Complete Paperback Series, signed and personalized: $60*

* Price includes shipping within the USA

All International orders available for $110 including shipping

The Senator's Wife: Book I

Two Women. Two Worlds. One Love Worth Risking it All. When professional soccer player, Alex Grey, goes on a vacation to the local South Carolina islands, she isn't anticipating any life-changing events. Just a relaxing weekend to prepare for the upcoming season. But that quickly changes when she finds herself the lone witness to a sailing accident and makes the decision to risk her own life to save a drowning woman-unwittingly coming to the rescue of a U.S. senator's wife, Catharine Cleveland.    Despite the vast disparity between their worlds, the two women find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another after the near-catastrophic afternoon. Following a series of interactions from the soccer fields of Portland, to the Marina District of San Francisco Bay, and the cutthroat political circle of Washington, D.C., they find their friendship growing, transforming into an attraction neither woman can deny. Nor an attraction either woman can comfortably embrace.    As the magnetism of their connection grows, both women are forced to decide if the pursuit of love is worth the cost while living under the scrutiny of the public eye. 


1st Place Winner of Pencraft Awards Fiction Book of the Year, Pencraft Awards Spring 2023, Bookfest Awards Spring 2023, iHeart SapphFic Best Soccer Book, Best Living Abroad Stories and Best Audiobook.

Paperback    The Senator's Wife: Book I, signed and personalized     $22*

Kindle       The Senator's Wife: Book I  

Audible - Narrated by Abby Crane     The Senator's Wife: Book I 

* Price includes shipping within the USA

International shipping available for an additional charge.

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Caught Sleeping: Book II


Despite the fragility of their relationship, Catharine and Alex have found a happiness together they never expected to find.  Alex's career is soaring with her hard-fought place on the US Women's National Team as she prepares for the World Cup over the summer.  Catharine is flourishing in her newfound freedom, embracing her love with Alex, while still being forced to keep their romance a secret amidst her soon-to-be ex-husband's presidential campaign. But it's more than either woman hoped for.  More than they ever imagined. Until a secret is revealed that threatens it all. Their relationship. Alex's career. Catharine's business. Even their lives. When it all comes crashing down, both women must ask themselves-how can love survive?

Paperback  Caught Sleeping: Book II, signed and personalized  $22*

Kindle    Caught Sleeping: Book II

Audible - Narrated by Abby Crane    Caught Sleeping: Book II

* Price includes shipping in the USA

International shipping available for an additional charge.


Whistleblower: Book III

As Alex's career continues to flourish as a US soccer star, Catharine struggles to keep her world from falling apart. Dealing with the repercussions of a high-profile divorce, while Carlton's campaign marches toward the primary election, her only solace remains in her blossoming relationship with Alex. But as the stakes get higher, and the pressures of publicity increase, it isn't only their love that is put to the test. Revenge. Deceit. Betrayal. Every action has a reaction. And payback is a…

Paperback    Whistleblower, Book III, signed and personalized    $22*

Kindle    Whistleblower, Book III

Audible - Narrated by Abby Crane    Whistleblower, Book III

*Price includes shipping in the USA

International shipping available for an additional charge.

The Unfinished Line

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Coming Soon!

When Kameryn Kingsbury lands one of the most coveted roles in cinema history, she’s certain it’s the most monumental thing that’s ever happened to her. That is, until a twist of fate introduces her to Dillon


Dillon is unlike anyone Kam has ever met. Bold. Certain of herself. Driven by an ambition that has sky-rocketed her to the top of her career. A famed British triathlete who remains on a quest to secure the one accolade she’s yet to achieve: to win an Olympic gold medal.


Previously, Kam had never considered herself attracted to women, but finds herself drawn to the athlete in a way she’s never been drawn to anyone before. From the Hawaiian islands, to the Santa Monica Pier, the tropical paradise of the Keys, and the tranquil coast of Wales, the two women embark on a friendship that develops into a romance neither expected to find.

But when Dillon’s turbulent past collides with Kam’s overnight fame, the stakes are raised and the pressure of the relationship is heightened.

The Unfinished Line unfolds a heartachingly beautiful story set amidst the arduous world of elite sports and the unrelenting limelight of Hollywood. Dillon and Kam’s journey explores the power of love, the sacrifices made to achieve success, and the dangers of reaching for perfection.

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